Early Entry Music

School CodeStudent CodeEventFile Link
00703Ethan JordanVocal/Male SoloClick Here
00703Elizaveta SavostyanovaInstrumental/Solo – PianoClick Here
55555Caizya Triyatni BantongVocal/Female SoloClick Here
00699Caizya Triyatni BantongVocal/Female SoloClick Here
00699Justine ChelseaVocal/Female SoloClick Here
00699Jenny MedelineVocal/Female SoloClick Here
00699Jovan Lyonel Reisel SampurnaVocal/Male SoloClick Here
00699Ega Abraham Yehezkiel SimanjuntakInstrumental/PercussionClick Here
00699Kevin Isaac Gracia SimanjuntakInstrumental/Solo – PianoClick Here
00706Mel Casey III & Alanna CaseyVocal/DuetClick Here
00700Sharon DavisInstrumental/Solo – PianoClick Here
00700Rachel VictoriaInstrumental/Solo – String PluckedClick Here
00660Serenity BrownVocal/Female SoloClick Here
00703Nguyen Dyc ThuanInstrumental/Solo – PianoClick Here
00708Roah YooInstrumental/Solo – String BowedClick Here

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