About GCEA

Global Christian Educators Association is a ministry collaboration started by seven gentlemen from across the United States. Each one brings different strengths and talents to this organization along with over 40 years of Christan Education Experience. GCEA hopes to bring together Christian Educators from around the world to share experiences, wisdom and knowledge. Collectively, our leadership team has traveled around the world speaking at multiple Christian Educator’s Seminars, Youth Conferences and Junior Conferences. Our leadership team has served as pastors, administrators, coaches, principles, teachers and consultants in schools and homeschools around the world. GCEA strives to be an organization that will take the time to listen to the needs of the Christian educator and assist them in finding solutions to fit those needs. 

GCEA specializes in:

  • Consulting for schools, homeschools, and school groups.
  • Marketing for local schools and homeschool cooperatives.
  • Local Junior & Youth Conferences.
  • Regional Junior & Youth Conferences.
  • An annual Global Youth Conference.
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