Global Youth Conference General Guidelines

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Conference Guidelines and Registration

These Guidelines are the official guidelines for Global Christian Educators Association (G.C.E.A.) Global Youth Conference (G.Y.C) and are implemented to ensure the uniformity of Conference and equality in competition for all participants. 

ABSENTEE entries will not be accepted. Contestants must attend the entire Conference. 

G.C.E.A. requests that ALL VOCAL AND WRITTEN ENTRIES be presented in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. We apologize that we are not able to grant any exceptions.


School Qualifications:

  1. Campus based school with the use of Bible based curriculum for daily studies.
  2. Home school umbrella using Bible based curriculum for daily studies.
  3. Home school family using Bible based curriculum for daily studies.
  4. Home school group or cooperative using Bible based curriculum for daily studies.
  5. Online schools using Bible based curriculum for daily studies.

Student Qualifications:

  1. Student must be actively enrolled in a qualifying school and in good standing with that school.
  2. Student must agree to follow all the guidelines set forth by GCEA & GYC for the duration of the conference.
  3. Students who attain their thirteenth birthday by December 31, prior to GYC, and who have not attained their twentieth birthday by the same date are eligible to attend the following spring.


  • In events involving more than four students, or in a group elimination event such as Basketball, and Volleyball, the limit is one entry per event per school. 
  • In other elimination events (Checkers, Chess, Table Tennis, and Tennis) a school is allowed three entries per event. 
  • In One-Act Play and Bible Quiz Team, a school is allowed three entries. 
  • In all other events, a school is allowed four entries per event. 
  • Each contestant may have only one entry in an event. (For example, your school may have two vocal trios, but no student may be entered in both.) 


  1. A contestant may enter any eight performance events with exceptions noted below. (Performance events are events that require the participant to compete during the actual Conference; that is, all athletic events, speech and drama, Bible Memory, and so on.) 
  2. A student may enter numerous nonperformance events, as approved by his/her parents. (Nonperformance events are events that only require the participant to submit his/her entry.) 
  3. The total combined number of performance and nonperformance events must not exceed twelve. 

Exceptions and Clarifications: 

Each student may enter only three elimination events. (Elimination events are Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Chess, & Checkers) Those who participate in any three of these events may enter only two other performance events that involve four or more contestants. 



All entries will be judged electronically unless specifically noted.

All art, sculpture, needle/thread, and photography entries must have a 3” x 5” card with the entry name, student’s name, school name, address, and telephone number securely attached to the entry. 


For platform events and music events, this must be a snapshot of the contestant or contestants wearing the outfit or costume in which the event will be performed. 


1st, 2nd, & 3rd place will be awarded in each event. A gold colored medal will be 1st, silver colored 2nd, bronze colored 3rd 

Developing Leadership Award

The Developing Leadership Award  is designed to encourage students to broaden their scope of communication and leadership abilities. Developing Leadership Award is not a specific event that students enter but rather a culmination of all points earned. 

Requirements—Contestants enter at least one event in at least four out of the following six categories: 

  1. Music Performance (Instrumental or Vocal) 
  2. Speaking Performance (e.g., Preaching, Poetry Recitation, Dramatic Monologue, One-Act Play) 
  3. Writing (Poetry, Essay, Short Story, Science or Social Studies Projects, Website Design, or Slide Show) 
  4. Art, Photography, or Needle/Thread 
  5. Athletics
  6. Digital Media

A student may enter more than one event in a Developing Leadership Award category (e.g., piano solo and vocal duet). The event with the highest place will be used to calculate the Developing Leadership Award score. It is not necessary to declare which events are Developing Leadership Award provided there is at least one entry in each of four categories. 

Winners will be determined in the following manner. Entries with the highest place in each of the categories will earn points based on their place

Every student with at least one entry in one of the four out of six Developing Leadership Award categories will be considered a Developing Leadership Award contestant. 

Points will be determined by the following scale:

1st = 15 points      5th = 11 points       9th   = 7 points        13th = 3 points

2nd = 14 points    6th = 10 points      10th = 6 points         14th = 2 points

3rd = 13 points     7th = 9 points        11th = 5 points          15th = 1 points

4th = 12 points     8th = 8 points        12th = 4 point


The following entries will be submitted electronically for judging. When you register your school for GYC, you will receive an email with instructions on how to submit your early entries. 

A30-Essay Writing, A31-Poetry Writing, A32-Short Story Writing

D01-Marketing Design, D02-Video Comedy, D03-Video Documentary, D04-Podcast Audio, 

D05-Podcast Video, D07-App Design, D08-Website Design, D09-Linear Slide Presentation, 

D10-Nonlinear Slide Presentation.

All art, science, social studies, photography, and needle/thread entries are to be turned in at the Conference. For platform and music performance events, scripts, outlines, music, judging forms, and photos are to be presented to the judges at the time of performance by the contestant. BE SURE TO READ EACH DIVISION’S REQUIREMENTS BEFORE SUBMITTING FORMS.  


Elimination events are those events in which winners (individuals or teams) are determined through a single-elimination bracket style competition. As necessary the head judge of the competition may issue callbacks to determine the top 3 places. The GYC elimination events are Basketball, Volleyball, Checkers, Chess, Tennis, and Table Tennis. Teams and individuals will be seeded based on the previous year’s Conference, if information is available. Seeding will not be based on a team’s current year record.


The manner of appearance and dress of G.C.E.A. Global Youth Conference participants reflects an image of Christian modesty, refinement, and self-discipline. Students and Chaperones are expected to support the Global Youth Conference image, program, and requirements in appearance and dress. Appropriateness and modesty are the basic principles governing all appearance and dress for GYC.

G.C.E.A. does not seek to mandate standards and will not conduct appearance inspections, but rather will assume that chaperones are taking this responsibility with their own youth. If necessary, G.C.E.A. reserves the right to address any conflicts directly with the supervising chaperone of any youth involved.

The following are general guidelines that the G.C.E.A. suggests for the purposes of promoting its tenants of appropriateness and modesty in order that the focus of the convention may not be on outward appearance, but rather on inner character. 

G.C.E.A. both believes and promotes that gender is assigned by God at birth. Attire should reflect the biological gender of the participants and guests of the conference.

General Appearance 

We suggest the following for casual appearance (during which time participants are not competing or attending a rally).

  • We request that clothing not have “cut-outs”, see-through, or similar openings and that the midriffs remain covered. 
  • We  recommend that shorts and skirts be knee-length.
  • It is recommended that shirts have a sleeve (whether short or long).
  • We request no low-cut clothing.
  • In order to promote a spirit of professionalism and maturity, we request that the wearing of pajamas be limited to the housing areas.

Competition Appearance 

Expectations for appearance are event specific and included in the judging criteria. Please refer to the event guidelines when making choices for appropriateness to ensure the best results for your competition entry piece.


Rallies are not the same as church services, but are conducted in a similar vein. A certain level of “professionalism” is appropriate for these times and there is an expectation for a more polished appearance during these times. The staff of G.C.E.A. will seek to demonstrate this in their own appearance as an example. 

NOTE: Many of the events will have specific dress guidelines based on the event. Example – a contestant entering clown act would dress as a clown, a choir or ensemble will want to dress in a uniform professional manner.

It is the responsibility of the Chaperone to ensure that all students and parents are informed of the appearance guidelines prior to departing for Conference. THE CHAPERONE IS ALSO ACCOUNTABLE FOR ENSURING THAT STUDENTS MAINTAIN APPROPRIATENESS AND MODESTY. 



“Abstain from all appearance of evil” must be the guiding principle of all interaction between the young men and the young ladies attending the Conference. Maintaining the highest possible standard of behavior is a God-given responsibility. 

Couples should not isolate themselves from the group and should be properly chaperoned at all times. At no time are students allowed in cars, buses, vans, or in dimly lit areas without a Chaperone. It is the Chaperone’s responsibility to ensure that all students comply with Conference curfews. These guidelines are applicable to all Conference attendees. Remember: Contestants need rest to do their best in competition. 


Chaperones are the key to good attitudes among the students and a cooperative spirit at the Conference. 

Each student must be directly responsible at all times to a specific Chaperone. There must be one male Chaperone for every one to ten boys and one female Chaperone for every one to ten girls. Chaperones must be at least twenty-one years of age at the time of Conference. Parents may serve as the Chaperone for their children (father/daughter, mother/son) if staying off campus. 

When necessary, a school, home school, or home school group may assume responsibility for students from another school, home school, or home school group provided this does not exceed the one-to-ten ratio. . Chaperones must reside with their students. Chaperones must meet the appearance  code. Only those willing to conform to these requirements will be allowed to register and to remain on the premises. Chaperones are responsible for enforcing the dress and conduct guidelines with all students in their care.

Chaperones will be accountable for damaged or missing items belonging to the host campus or other contestants. 

Each church, school, or organization must complete a Student Conference Screening Form (GF16) prior to Conference. All Chaperones must also complete a Chaperone Registration Form (GF5)


Chaperones and students are encouraged to attend all evening rallies. These rallies are designed specifically to encourage, empower and challenge students in spiritual areas. 


Guests are welcome to attend GYC. Spectators are welcome to attend events and rallies. Children under the age of six are not allowed in competition rooms. Guests must register upon arrival and may purchase individual meal tickets at the Information Center. 




Athletic equipment

Musical instrument 

Competition entries/paperwork 

Bedding, towels, & washcloths (if staying on campus)


Robe, slippers

Prescription medicines (to be kept by Chaperone) 

NOTE: Each Chaperone should bring a lockable suitcase for valuables such as watches, rings, awards, and prescription medicines. It is imperative that ALL items be labeled. G.C.E.A. & GYC are not responsible for lost or stolen items. 


G.C.E.A. & G.Y.C. does not provide an infirmary or medical staff for the Conference. Chaperones should be prepared to deal with minor problems, such as headaches and small scratches. All schools must be responsible for their own first-aid supplies for athletic competition. 

Each student registered must submit a Consent to Emergency Health Care and Indemnification Form (GF8). Each person must provide his/her own medical and accident insurance. The Consent to Emergency Health Care and Indemnification Form includes a statement releasing G.C.E.A. from responsibility and liability for any medical expenses incurred during the Conference or travel to/from the Conference area. 

Students with a history of a particular medical problem requiring special treatment must note such problems on the GF8. They should also wear an identifying bracelet or other I.D. that would alert medical personnel to the existence of a particular problem. 


Decisions of the judges are final. Time permitting, Conference judges will make suggestions and comments for contestants’ improvement. If you are qualified with post-graduate training or life experience and are interested in serving as a judge, please contact the Conference Office ( for a Judge’s Application. You will be notified if selected. Judges will receive instructions and a packet of forms at the Conference site. 


Visit the G.C.E.A. website at or

School registration is nonrefundable, but individual fees are refundable.

All contestants and Chaperones must be registered on the School Registration program. Each contestant is required to have three (3) judge’s forms for each event in which he/she is to compete. Judge’s forms automatically print from the School Registration program 

In addition to the information required on the School Registration program, each Chaperone must submit a Chaperone Registration Form (GF5). Each school, church, or organization must complete a Student Conference Screening Form (GF16) prior to Conference. All Conference Forms are included on the School Registration Program, and a sampling of Conference Forms is included in the guidelines. 

All participants, Chaperones, guests, and contestants attending an G.C.E.A. Conference must provide their own medical and accident insurance. 

Summary—Submit these items for Regional Registration. 

  1. Complete online Conference registration program at 
  2. GF5—Chaperone Registration Form (one per Chaperone)
  3. GF6—Permission for Participation (one per student)
  4. GF8—Parent/Guardian Consent to Emergency Health Care for Minor/Indemnification (one per student)
  5. GF16—Student Conference Screening Form (each school, church, or organization) 

All remaining forms and paperwork should be submitted upon arrival at the Conference. Entries in Essay Writing, Poetry Writing, Short Story Writing, Website Design, Linear & Nonlinear Slide Show, & All Digital Media Submissions will be submitted on


G.C.E.A. realizes the awesome responsibility and trust your educational ministry and the parents you serve are placing in our ministry by allowing the most precious earthly treasures— children—to attend an G.C.E.A. Student Conference. The times in which we live today require us to take greater precautionary measures in protecting lives and ministries. In an effort to ensure the safety of all who attend and to retain the integrity of the Student Conference program, G.C.E.A. respectfully requests (requires) each school, church, or organization to complete a Student Conference Screening Form (GF16) prior to Conference. Please be assured that the information provided will remain confidential. The Student Conference Screening Form (GF16) is included on the School Registration program. 


Each Chaperone must complete a Chaperone Registration Form (GF5). Be sure to include all information. Remember: A Chaperone cannot be responsible for more than ten students. A female Chaperone must Chaperone only female students, and a male Chaperone must Chaperone only male students. (Exception: A father may Chaperone his daughter(s) and a mother may Chaperone her son(s), providing they stay off campus.) If you are Chaperoning students from another school, be sure to indicate their names and the name of the school. If another school is Chaperoning your students, please make a note giving the name of the Chaperoning school and the name of the Chaperone. All 


Each participant and contestant must submit a Permission for Participation Form (GF6) signed by his/her parent or guardian to attend the Conference. Contestants will not be permitted to compete if their GF6 has not been received. The Permission for Participation Form (GF6) is included on the School Registration program. 


Every student registering must have his or her parent or legal guardian complete a Parent/ Guardian Consent to Emergency Health Care for Minor/Indemnification Form (GF8). This form includes a statement releasing G.C.E.A. from responsibility for any expense incurred by anyone during his/her stay at the Conference or travels to/from the Conference area. All participants, Chaperones, guests, and contestants attending an G.C.E.A. Conference must provide their own medical and accident insurance. The Parent/Guardian Consent to Emergency Health Care for Minor/Indemnification Form (GF8) is included on the School Registration program.