Global Youth Conference Athletics Guidelines

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Implementing a sports program can be of tremendous benefit to the Christian school. Godly coaches can use sports to teach character and self-control. Sports can also be used as an instrument to create and promote school spirit. On the other hand, a sports program has the potential of becoming an end in and of itself. Students and staff who hold sports above all else do themselves a disservice and do not honor the Lord. 

Global Youth Conferences are not intended to be tournaments to determine state and national championships. Schools that enter competition solely to compete in sports are missing a tremendous opportunity for their students to broaden their talents and abilities in other areas.

G.Y.C. may refuse to accept teams or individuals: 1. Whose coaches or players have demonstrated a disrespect for G.Y.C. leadership, officials, and/or other teams and coaches. 2. Who have repeatedly displayed a negative attitude.


G.Y.C. desires to assist schools in training young people to respect authority and conduct themselves in a Christian manner at all times, including stressful or demanding situations. Many times “Christian testimonies” are tarnished by public displays of unsportsmanlike conduct. Remember, God is not necessarily concerned with who wins the game but rather how the game was played. Any participant, player (on the court or on the bench), or coach who conveys and/or displays any attitude of disrespect, disgust, and/or disagreement could be disqualified from athletic competition. 

First Aid Each school is responsible for providing their own first-aid supplies and assisting their own students for athletic competition.

Athletic Attire

Competitors in athletic events must wear loose-fitting, full-length sweatpants, warm-up pants, trousers, or KNEE-LENGTH hemmed shorts. (Spandex pants or shorts are not acceptable for competition athletic wear.) For Physical Fitness: Track pants must be worn during this event; no shorts allowed.  Tank tops may only be worn over an undershirt. Uniformity in dress is mandatory for athletic team events. Shoes must be worn to participate in events.

Athletic Categories: